Ratina shopping center Finland

The client came to us, pursuant to our work for the Helsinki Music Centre. The client wanted a glass façade at the entrance hall on the one hand and a higher located glass façade at the periscope restaurant on the other. We came up with a solution for both façades, while paying special attention to the forces in the stainless steel tie rods that were needed to support the façade above the main entrance. We were once again able to contribute our bit towards reviving an entire suburb, this time in lovely Tampere. There is a beautiful view of the city centre from the periscope restaurant. In the meantime, we have become the permanent partner of Teräselementti Oy for all applications containing structural glazing.

Teräselementti Oy

Arkkitehtuuritoimisto B & M Oy

Tampere, Finland


  • Designed and drafted the calculation memoranda
  • Composed the scenario for the fitting
  • Supplied all glass accessories

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