Renson aluminium facade cladding system

Starconstruct is an acknowledged B2B partner of Renson for the installation of their aluminium façade cladding and architectural sunscreens. You can contact us for all B2B projects in the provinces of West Flanders, East Flanders, Flemish Brabant, Antwerp and Hainaut.

Vertical facade cladding Linarte

Renson Linarte wall cladding, both inside and out, creates a new dimension in designer facade cladding: clean, minimalist and vertical lines guarantee a modern look, and the aluminium profiles – light yet robust – are infinitely customisable and can be combined with each other. The result is a design cladding with contemporary, clean and minimalist vertical lines that exudes your taste and personality.

Architectural solar shading

Architectural solar protection offers you a double advantage: it provides control over the incidence of direct light and has a strong aesthetic appeal. Architectural solar protection is structurally integrated into the exterior of your home so that both the design effect and the efficiency are timeless – regardless of the season, temperatures or (lack of) sunshine. Architectural sun protection is available in various models, which are designed and installed to fit your project, without exception.

Horizontal facade cladding Linius

Linius provides a global solution for aluminium cladding that is characterised by impeccable quality, functionality and durability. The Linius profiles are also perfect for accentuating interior walls or for finishing doors, up-and-over garage doors and sectional doors that blend together and are invisible in the overall image of the facade. This makes Linius a popular product for facade builders and architects because it offers endless possibilities and the added value of aesthetics is unmistakable.

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