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Glass applications and glass structures

Looking for glass applicationsand glass structures? The engineers of Starconstruct will help you make better use of all the possibilities glass has to offer. Interested? Contact us or ask us your questions right away via this button :


Glass calculations and glass design work are our specialities. But you can also come to us for glass training and glass installations.

Starbucks Roermond - Starconstruct
Glass passageway - Starconstruct
Glass noise barriers Oosterweel - Starconstruct
Railway station Mechelen - Starconstruct


Are you curious about how we help our clients? Take a look to all the glass projects we have completed here. They will undoubtedly inspire you for your own project.

Glass applications

Would you like advice for indoor (e.g. parapets and office installations) or outdoor glass applications(e.g. glass façades and glass façade cladding)? Select one of the following options to read more.

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