Glass noise barriers

A gigantic glass noise wall of 8 m high and several kilometers long must, together with other noise-reducing measures, halve the noise nuisance for the residential areas along the Oosterweel connection on the Antwerp Ring. Transparent glass noise barriers were installed so that the local residents do not have to look at a solid wall. In order to prevent birds from flying against the glass, a striping pattern has been applied onto the glass. Starconstruct was able to provide the necessary support by performing appropriate in-house calculations and submitting detailed calculation reports. We are very proud that, as a supplier of the glass panels and matching, custom-designed rubbers, we were able to contribute to the realization of this important project for Belgian mobility.

THV Linkeroever; partner of THV Rinkoniën


Antwerp Ring, Belgium


  • Assistance with appropriate calculations
  • Elaboration of calculation notes
  • Supply 50.000 m² of glass panels and custom-designed rubbers

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