AD Delhaize, Deinze

Last year, the largest AD Delhaize in Belgium opened in Deinze. New was the expansion of the fresh food department with a refrigerated display case for exhibiting large cuts of meat, as a showroom. Since it concerned a refrigerated area, this glass box was made of double glass and edge profiles were used to fit the surrounding insulation panels. The assembly was a real feat. Everything had to be assembled in one day during the shop’s closing day. The largest pane weighed almost 500 kg and measured 3.5 m high and 2.5 m wide. The panes were transported into the shop by trolleys and assembled on site with a mini crane over the meat.

Fieuw koeltechniek as instructed by AD Delhaize Deinze

Designed by Eefje

Deinze, Belgium


  • Assistance in determining glass thickness and formatting detail
  • Delivery and installation of edge profiles and glass panels

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